The Old White Bear,
Cross Hills

Pickles Pubs’ first pub, acquired in 2006 and fully refurbished in 2015.

The Old White Bear is the oldest building in the village Cross Hills and was built in 1735. It has previously been a hotel, a brothel, a council meeting place and a dance hall. The council met frequently here to discuss the Leeds and Liverpool canal and decided where to cut through the land here!

Some of the beams used to build the pub are believed to come from a naval ship which took part in the battles against The Spanish Armada called “The Old White Bear” hence the name! The building is full of character, most of which has been collected over the years by the locals. The building itself has walls 24inches thick which is possibly why it is still going strong!

The Old White Bear serves a large array of cast ales and is renowned for it’s delicious and filling meals.

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